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Randy Caparoso
August 28, 2010 | Randy Caparoso

The world according to the Bokischs

Markus and Liz Bokisch, who own Bokisch Vineyards in Lodi, have recently been turning the wine world on its head.

You've probably heard, for instance, winemakers sanctimoniously talk about how they pick grapes "by flavor, not numbers." How they all wait for "physiological ripeness" before harvesting. As if, of course, they would be waiting for "physiological unripeness" before sending out their harried crews. Well, Markus has been following along with that for most of the past eight, nine years, while still making the best damned white wines from the native Spanish Albariño grape in California (of course, there's only three, four other wineries in California producing Albariño, but so what — Markus makes the best!).
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Randy Caparoso
August 23, 2010 | Randy Caparoso

Ron Silva is Lodi's Portuguese Grape King

Silvaspoons Vineyards owner/grower Ron Silva

When tasting the 2009 Alta Mesa Silvaspoons Vineyards Lodi Verdelho in a San Francisco seminar last month (July 2010), Andrea Immer Robinson (a Master Sommelier and author of multiple wine books) could not stop talking about the “silky dryness” and “perky tartness” of this uniquely scented (think lime, lemon verbena and white peach skin), lithe and bracing white wine. Robinson also noted flavors of “marzipan and almonds in the finish as you exhale,” adding that “it makes me crave a Barcelona style spinach salad, laden with pine nuts and raisins...”

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Randy Caparoso
August 19, 2010 | Randy Caparoso

Next big thing: Iberian grapes in Lodi

"Lodi may be known for old vine Zinfandel, but right now it is surprising the wine world with the success of its wines made from Spanish varieties." Thus spoke Mark Chandler, Executive Director of the Lodi Winegrape Commission, while leading a seminar called Lodi-Beria – The Latin Side of Lodi at the SF Chefs 2010 celebration, last Sunday in San Francisco.

If you're a jaded, or simply fearless, California wine lover, you would have loved to have sat in on this tasting led by Chandler, with author/Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson as well as San Francisco Chronicle columnist Jon Bonné adding further commentary. The proof, of course, was in the pudding made up of the eight Lodi grown wines made from native Iberian grapes selected by the wise and wily Chandler.
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Randy Caparoso
August 12, 2010 | Randy Caparoso

For Michael David Winery, to Zin is to fly

How to succeed in business by turning lemons into joy juice

"We're told that our Zinfandel is one of the three top selling wines in Sweden," says David Phillips, President/Owner of Michael-David Winery. "I guess the Swedes like to barbecue!"

While polishing off his huevos rancheros in Phillips Farms (more than just a produce stand, but also a fantastic bakery and café, while also serving as Michael-David's tasting room) on Hwy. 12, David talked about the family business's growth and success — which also mirrors the growth and success of Lodi's wines and vineyards in general...
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Randy Caparoso
August 9, 2010 | Randy Caparoso

Oh lord, a blog from Lodi!

Demonstration Vineyard on the grounds of the Lodi Wine & Visitor Center

The Growing Groundswell

By now you've heard that Lodi is more than a song (point of fact: after he wrote his famous (Stuck in) Lodi, Creedence Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty admitted he'd never visited this historic California town, but that he simply came across it and thought it had "the coolest sounding name").

Lodi is also a thriving, varied agricultural community — notably, grapes and dairy ranching, almond and walnut orchards, and cherry, olive and myriad other stone fruits — and wine lovers from coast to coast, and even from Singapore to Stockholm, now know Lodi as the source of wines that absolutely kick your butt, without busting the budget!

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