Lodi launches LoCA campaign

One of the vivid images of Lodi's new LoCA campaign

Lodi, CA (October 19, 2011) – If you see the word LoCA in an advertisement or billboard over the next few months, don’t worry — Lodi’s growers and wineries have not gone crazy.  They’re simply telling the world how thrilled they are about the wines they produce, and how much they love sharing a taste of their life in Lodi — such an ideal place for grapes and people.

LoCA is code for Lodi, California, and the growers and wineries in the Lodi American Viticultural Area want consumers to know exactly where that passion comes from:  a tradition of farming going back well over a century.  Most of Lodi’s leading winegrowers, in fact, are in their fourth, fifth and even sixth generation of families who first arrived during the halycyon days of the California Gold Rush.  Put that together with the fact that Lodi is also the largest and most productive winegrowing region in the U.S., and then ask the simple question:  can any other American wine region compare?  Of course, not.

Which is why Lodi’s winegrowers will be running with their newly coined LoCA identity.  Fourth-generation Lodi grower Richard Lauchland says, “This area is passionate, even a little obsessed, about growing and making great wine, so we want everyone to learn more about our wines, visit our wineries and know that this is one of the most accessible and authentic wine communities in the country.”

The LoCA campaign, launching today, will include print advertisements in national and regional magazines and newspapers, billboards, online banner ads, social media and more.   A new Web site and smart phone application have been developed to further the campaign; making it easy for consumers to learn about the many wine varieties produced in the Lodi wine region, the location of area wineries and tasting rooms, and to create more fans of Lodi wines.

“The response to this campaign from focus groups and consumers has been extremely positive,” said Mark Chandler, Executive Director, Lodi Winegrape Commission.  “It is memorable, it is fun, and it perfectly positions our wines and our community exactly as they are – real and approachable.”

Living the LoCA life...

4 Responses to “Lodi launches LoCA campaign”

  1. Julie Wetteland says:

    Went to see the new bill board on 10/17. Loved it.
    Coverage by CW31 & CBS 13 this am great too. You’ve
    all done a great job on this campaign. Congrats to all. Got my bumper
    sticker on & operative.
    Love being LoCA in Lodi. “Livin’ la VINO LoCA”.

  2. Julie Wetteland says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to all involved in this very “catchy” and appealing ad campaign. Viewed the coverage on CW31 this AM. Loved the “hype” and sharing of this new and innovative approach to “selling” Lodi. We used to be Napa’s BEST KEPT SECRET, well NOT anymore. Visited the sign on Monday, saw lots of drivers looking up at it.

    Personally I love the LoCA message and logo. Love living in an area when we can really say what we are all about. Love living “La Vino LoCA”.

    CONGRATS again to all.

  3. Larry Matlock says:

    Promotion and advertising are certainly better than just waiting for winedrinkers to stumble upon the product. Lodi has done such a tremendous turnaround from the history of producing jugs wines to today’s boutique assortment.
    The world’s best Zinfandel wines come from here, and the same winery, Macchia, made that true for Barbera, as well. Mettler’s Cabernet Sauvigon stands in front of most Napa cabs . St. Amant’s Tempranillo is excellent, exceeding most Spanish versions. Bokish’s Albarino, Heritage Oaks Sauvigon blanc… Best of the best. St. Jorge Verdelho….wonderful! Lodi has the varietals and the techniques in winemaking waiting to be discovered, out of the shadows of Napa Valley. Do I love the campaign and the graphics? Lukewarm. But, if it sells some wine, it will be doing a good job. Lets evaluate in one year.

  4. I’m truly loca about your new catchword. Lots of fun ad campaign ideas come to mind, so we’ll be looking forward to many more events to offer our clients.

    Come on baby, do the “LoCA-motion” (couldn’t help myself, I can already vizualize a TV commercial with this as your theme song…).

    Don’t forget to put billboards on I-5 (between SMF and downtown Sacramento) and on I-80 (between Vacaville and Sacramento), for commuters and for people traveling to or from the airport. Let’s see if we can’t get more folks interested in using Ultra Limousine’s Wine Tour Packages to visit the Lodi Wineries!

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