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The LoCA Life and Times

Lodi wines, grapes, and ZAP feelin’ the love

January 27th, 2015
Lodi wines, grapes, and ZAP feelin’ the love

  This week Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (a.k.a. ZAP) hosts its twenty-fourth annual “Experience” in San Francisco (on January 28), attended by thousands of avowed Zinfandel enthusiastss.  2015′s chosen theme:  “Zinfandel is a rising star – reach out and grab it.” For many reasons, you can probably also say the same thing about about Lodi:  as a winegrowing region – easily the largest (in terms of acres of wine grapes planted) in the U.S. – the Lodi AVA is a rising, and increasingly accessible, star. 1991 was the year when ZAP as well as the Lodi Winegrape Commission – a consortium of.. VIEW MORE »

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