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The LoCA Life and Times

Borra is releasing an intriguing Lodi Vermentino

February 26th, 2015
Borra is releasing an intriguing Lodi Vermentino

  Among the many alternative white wine grapes cultivated in Lodi in recent years, Vermentino might hold the most intriguing promise. Number one, because Vermentino is native to Europe’s Mediterranean Basin, and the Lodi AVA’s climate is squarely Mediterranean; meaning, summers are warm and dry, and winters are cold and usually a little wet. The climate of California’s coastal regions, from Sonoma County and Napa Valley all the way down to Santa Barbara County, is also classified as Mediterranean. Number two, because Vermentino is one of those golden tinted grapes with a thick enough skin to grow well under temperate,.. VIEW MORE »

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