The legend of
owl box Tom.

Listen, do you hear that? Neither does that rodent about to fall prey to that fast approaching barn owl. It was this stealthy observation that inspired Tom Hoffman to build himself some owl boxes and put them up all around his family’s fourth generation vineyard. You see, rodents eat the roots and owls eat the rodents and—well, Tom figured letting nature take its course was a far healthier pest control solution than letting some chemical do it; an idea that quickly had Tom filling owl box orders from vineyards far and wide. It’s this kind of out of the box thinking—the desire to farm in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible—that eventually led to the creation of Lodi Rules. With continuous input from farmers, scientists and environmentalists, Lodi Rules has become the most comprehensive (and most copied) sustainable winegrowing program in America. Why, everyone from winegrape growers to winemakers to wine drinkers is singing its praises. As for the owls, they’re staying silent. And that’s a good thing. A very good thing indeed.

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