Never underestimate the power of a woman

(Especially if she’s Bolivian and makes really great wine.)

Suzy Vasquez will be the first to tell you she has worms. At her disposal, that is. That’s because Peltier Winery owners, Rod and Gayla Schatz, had the foresight years ago to create the largest worm composting operation in the State; meaning today, as winemaker, Suzie works with fruit grown in the most sustainable manner possible to make Peltier’s award winning, certified green, estate grown Diamond series. Symbiotic is what you call it and it’s indicative of the kind of relationship you’ll find around here between winegrape growers and winemakers. Because if you want to make world-class wines you need to not only embrace new ideas but the old-school knowledge and traditions found in some of the finest winemaking regions in the world. Which is why you’ll find Swiss, Belizian, French, Spanish and Italian knowhow stemming in winery after winery across all seven Lodi appellations—making for some surprisingly interesting and critically acclaimed wines. And in one instance, translating a little Bolivian sass into a local treasure.

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