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About LoCA Thoughts

Let’s explore the “crazy” side of wine with some LoCA Thoughts. Join us as we dish out quirky tips and debunk common myths about storing, pouring, cooking with, and tasting wine.

Meet Ben

Meet Ben. He’s crazy… for wine.

Say, “hello” to Ben “Aloha Man” Kolber – star of LoCA Thoughts. Ben is a grape grower, avid musician, and lover of bacon-wrapped hotlinks paired with Lodi Petite Sirah.

Ben grew up locally, but after high school headed east where he obtained a B.A. in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Unable to make a good living playing bar gigs in Los Angeles, Ben followed his roots back to Lodi where he launched KG Vineyard Management – a farming company that offers clients custom vineyard management and harvesting.

A true family man, Ben spends his fun time playing music with his dad, watching Power Rangers with his three children (the Gold Ranger is Ben’s favorite), and camping with his wife Madelyn.