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2016 Bokisch Vineyards Verdelho

Verdelho is a Portuguese white variety that originates from the Island of Madeira and the Azores, west of the mainland of Portugal. We planted our Verdelho in the volcanic clay loam soils of the Vista Luna Vineyard in the Eastern hills of Lodi. It produces small bunches of oval berries which give it a higher skin to juice ratio.

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2014 Bokisch Vineyards Tempranillo

Tempranillo is often referred to as the “Cabernet” of Spain due to its widespread planting and its noble status as the backbone of Spanish reds. It has thick and tannic skins that add a complexity of aromas and color to the finished wine.  Taste Tempranillo and you will taste the heart and soul of Spain.

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2016 Bokisch Vineyards Albarino TAV

Albariño is not only the most popular white wine of Spain, but has also carved out its territory as being one of the most exciting new varieties in California. It is known as an aromatic white wine with a crisp, clean acidity which pairs extremely well with seafood.

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