Innovative Winegrowers
Many of Lodi’s winegrowing families have been here for over 100 years. These families are genuinely rooted in the soil, and provide Lodi with an engaging authenticity. Their values are expressed in the widespread adoption of sustainable viticulture practices, ensuring that these vineyards will be farmed for generations to come.

Pioneering Spirit
Recently, a new generation of ambitious young winegrowers has taken the region by storm, reinventing this traditional farming community with an unabashed goal of producing world-class wines.  Dedicated 4th and 5th generation farmers have quickly propelled the region from eight wineries in the early 1990’s to over 60 today. Their uncompromising commitment to quality is driving the region to new heights, and bringing international attention to the wines of Lodi. 

Cutting Edge Viticulture
Over the past decade advances in modern viticulture have led to dramatic improvements in wine quality.  With over 75% of the acreage having been developed or redeveloped in the past 15 years Lodi growers have had the opportunity to carefully match the latest varieties, clones, rootstocks, and trellising to their specific vineyard sites. 

Technological advances have also had a profound impact. Whether it’s satellite imagery that detects vine deficiencies, weather stations in their vineyards, or the extensive adoption of drip irrigation Lodi growers now have the most sophisticated tools and information at their disposal.

Creative Winemaking
Armed with ambition, pride, and a sense of tradition, Lodi vintners are skillfully striking a balance between modern science and established traditional methods to handcraft world-class wines.  They are utilizing the latest innovations from vineyard to glass to create wines of a place, wines that truly represent the best that Lodi has to offer!

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