Vineyard Views

Vineyard Views
Dr. Cliff Ohmart, the former Sustainable Viticulture Director at the Lodi Winegrape Commission, wrote, and still writes a bimonthly column for Wines & Vines entitled Vineyard Views. Sustainable winegrape growing is the theme, and much of the content came from Dr. Ohmart’s experience with Lodi growers. The columns appear here with permission from Wines & Vines. “What is sustainable viticulture’ was the title of the inaugural column and is included because it sets the scene for the subsequent columns.

Periodically new columns will be added to this site.

Crop Estimation
2007 PD Research Syposium
Marketing Sustainability
NGWI Update
A National Sustainable Agriculture Standard
Light Brown Apple Moth – Our Latest Invasive Pest
Climate Change and Viticulture
Lessons from Down Under
PD Symposium 2006 2.0
GMO & the US Wine Community
Crop Estimation
Commodification of the Winegrape
IPM Revisited
American Viticulture and Enology Research at a Crossroads?
The Importance of Economic Thresholds
Vine Mealybug – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Vine Mealybug
Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices Project
SAR – Systemic Acquired Resistance Products
Incentives for Change
A Snapshot of Biodynamic Farming
Deficit Irrigation
Farming is an Unnatural Act
Is Winegrape Growing Bad for the Environment
The Importance of Monitoring in Sustainable Viticulture
What is Sustainable Viticulture

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