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Certified Sustainable Practices

Developing a Sustainable Vision for the Farm
Yogi Berra once said “If you don’t know where you are going, you may end up some place else”. Developing a sustainable vision for one’s farm is basically creating a road map of where one wants to end up. It is the foundation upon which a sustainable farm is built.

Integrated Pest Management
Growers limit crop protection to only essential measures in their vineyards by keeping track of pest numbers and their natural enemies so action is only taken when it is absolutely necessary. They create and maintain habitat for natural enemies of pests.

Air Quality Control
We plant cover crops of native grasses in and around our vineyards to minimize dust. We limit tractor usage to a minimum to reduce air pollution and conserve energy.

Land Stewardship
We integrate the management of our vineyards with the ecosystem by providing riparian zones, introducing and preserving  native grasses and trees, maintaining vernal pools, protecting wildlife habitat, and installing nesting boxes for owls, birds, and bats.

Water Management
We constantly monitor soil moisture and measure the vines water needs. We regulate water usage through careful irrigation scheduling, and constantly maintain and service our irrigation systems for maximum efficiency.

Soil Health
Healthy living soils grow great wines.  We add organic matter by planting cover crops and utilizing compost. We control fertilizer and irrigation to maximize nutrition in our soils which results in higher, more concentrated fruit quality.

Human Resources
People are the foundation of great sustainably grown wines. Our workers receive comprehensive training and development that enables them to perform their jobs safely and maximize their ability for year round employment.


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