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Pesticide Environmental Assessment System

One unique aspect of The Lodi Rules/Protected Harvest certification model is the use of a pesticide environmental impact model in determining whether a vineyard qualifies for certification. Environmental impact models have been developed as a tool to quantify the environmental impact of all pesticides is used in a farming operation.

The Lodi Rules utilizes a multi-attribute pesticide risk model (MATF) that measures the toxicity of pesticides on five component indices.

  • worker acute risks
  • dietary risks to people from acute and chronic exposure
  • acute risks to small aquatic invertebrates
  • acute risks to birds
  • acute risks to bees and pest natural enemies

Each of these indices is used independently to assess relative risks to a specific class of organisms on a per acre treated basis. For The Lodi Rules program, PEAS is used to calculate multiattribute risks spanning all of the above five indices.

To be certified a grower must fall below a certain level on the environmental impact model.

Development of the Pesticide Environmental Assessment System.

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